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This Course is meant for learners who want to learn, explore and enhance their knowledge on the complex area of International Tax. The course has been divided into 29 Sections, each comprising of a particular Article dealing with International tax. We have used India USA Treaty as a basis of explaining various concepts and judicial precedents in India as a basis for explaining various concept, but the explanation can help anyone understand the concept of International Tax. 

Whether it is concept of Resident, existence of Permanent establishment, Income from immovable property, Taxation of Shipping, inland waterways transport and air transport, Dividends, Interest, Fee for technical services & Royalties, Capital gains, Independent Personal services, Directors's fees, Artistes and sportsmen amongst others. This Course is not a professional advise and hence before deciding on any practical case study, proper expert advise should be obtained.

What are the requirements?

  • Basic Knowledge of tax laws of their Home Country
  • Basic understanding of how Multinational Corporations derive income
  • Understand the meaning of basic terms used in International Tax

What am I going to get from this course?

  • Gain knowledge on Taxation of Multinational Corporations in Source and Residence State
  • Learn taxation of Permanent Establishment, Fee for Technical Services, Capital Gains, Dependent Personal Services
  • Learn how system of credit of taxes paid in Source country can be obtained in State of Residence
  • Learn about taxation of Income from immovable property, Shipping and Inland waterways and other income not covered under other Article

Who is the target audience?

  • This International Tax Course is meant for Chartered Accountants and CPA, who are working with consultancy firms providing International Tax Services to their clients who are either Multinationals or provide services to Multinational Corporations
  • Professionals in industry working for Multinational Corporations
  • Finance Professionals to understand how taxes could influence the cash management
  • Individuals looking at being part of Tax authorities of a country looking to understand Global tax provisions impacting Multinationals


  • Section: Course Description
  • intro lecture Preview
  • Need for a tax treaty in International Trade
  • Need for a tax treaty in International Trade - Part 2
  • Learn about What is a Tax Treaty
  • Learn about Various Models of Tax Treaties - UN, OECD and US Model
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